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With out me, your nothing. Without you, I am nothing.

I'm Falling Up.

23 March
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Tenchi here... here's some info about the name you see here...V i C was formed at Fanime. V i C is very strong on cosplay anime, group gatherings, and most of all, friendship. That's why V i C is here to show what cosplaying is all about. Pics and comments will be posted through out the years of anime conventions. Oh come oh now!? well just here to let you know that me and Rika had the chance to host a party for Peter. Not really, it just happen, well it turns out they loved it! So our second event were planing big! so big might have to get a suiet! did i spell that right? oh never mind! but yes.... yes...
anime! hentie, cosplay, its what people like, takeing some wicked pics!, yaoi, yuri!